Monday, September 16, 2008 Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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  Healthy Living  

Healthy Living covers lifestyle and community awareness events and activities around Bucks County, PA, with guest columns by authors from local health, fitness and social services organizations.



"Buying locally" means buying farm products grown and/or raised on family farms within a 150-mile radius of Bucks County. Why buy local? Buying locally ensures freshness and flavor, supports the regional economy and family farmers, protects open space and farmland, builds community, and protects natural resources. Buying locally greatly reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Food traveling through the global distribution system is resource intensive. The average food item in the United States has traveled over 1,000 miles before ending up on your plate. Only 10% of the fossil fuels used in the global food system are actually used for food production. The other 90% goes to transportation, packaging, and marketing.

Members of the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance — farmers, landowners, restaurateurs, educators, environmentalists and consumers — work together to foster and expand a comprehensive, local, sustainable food supply in Bucks County. On the first Wednesday of each month, the Foodshed Alliance meets to view informative, stimulating films, hear from local food or farming experts, or take tours of local, sustainable farms, and to hear news of various Foodshed Alliance initiatives. Their website,, has lots of useful information, including locations of area farmer's markets where you can purchase fresh, locally grown produce.

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